How it works

Apply twice a day. The Tattoo-OFF cream penetrates the skin and gradually erases the tattoo ink.Tattoo-OFF works well on permanent cosmetics applied to cheeks, breasts, lip outlines, and eyebrows. Tattoo-OFF was developed to work on tattoo ink, not skin complexions no matter the color, type and amount of ink used to create your tattoo.

Tattoo-OFF is the most advanced and researched tattoo removal formula available.Tattoo removal, best tattoo removal, tattoo removal cream, laser tattoo removal, tat b gone, tattoo-off, wrecking balm, tattoo removal results, tattoo removal on u tube. 
Tattoo-OFF’s effective formula is hypo-allergenic and is fortified with natural botanicals:
· Aloe Leaf Juice – aids in healing skin
· Calendula Flower Extract – anti-bacterial, effective in healing
· Cymbopogon Shoenanthus – known for its astringent properties
· Lemon Extract – soothes skin and maintains moisture balance
· Orange Peel – effective skin care ingredient
· Rosemary Leaf – used for skin ailments and stimulates healing
· Sage Leaf – high in anti-oxidants